Back to School

Can you even believe it’s “Back to School” time already?  Where has the summer gone?  Do you remember thinking, “I have the whole summer to…” go to the pool, or visit the beach, or read that great novel?  Has it happened?  Don’t fret, you are NOT alone.  The website, suggests getting organized NOW before the back to school rush sets in.  Some recommendations are:  easing back into the routine by re-introducing strict bedtimes; creating a central calendar that the whole family will use and reference; sort through, purge and replace school clothing – sales start as early as July, so start shopping now!; avoid morning madness by planning ahead:  clothes, meals, inventory of backpacks can be done the night before; and finally, take a practice run to school (and extracurricular activities for that matter!) so you know how much time you need to get there.  For more detailed information on these suggestions, visit:

As we at FNC turn our attention to the fall and our new school year, we are excited about many things. Our newly expanded space offers another studio for dance, as well as a fitness wing for Physical Therapy and Yoga/Pilates.  Our class line up is jam-packed with new options for Adults and children of all ages including a Care Giver and Me class.

We are thankful for the time we get to spend helping your children to develop an appreciation for the arts. Our caring and attentive faculty looks forward to another great year.  Did you know that Arts education can actually “strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills” in your children?  Americans for the Arts,, 2002  In addition, “it motivates and engages children in learning, stimulates memory, and facilitates understanding…”  Young Children and the Arts:  Making Creative Connections, 1998, Introduction.  Our caring faculty of trained professionals is eager to connect with your children and share their passion for the arts.

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